ASEED Foundation is committed to inspiring young people of all ages and circumstances across the province, encouraging them to embrace entrepreneurial thinking and to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career option.

Partnering with schools and educators across Nigeria to develop customized, interactive resources for all ages, ASEED Foundation provides students from elementary to post-secondary schools with non-traditional opportunities to realize their full potential. We take pride in introducing more than 1,600 youth annually to the many benefits of entrepreneurship education, including:

  • Being an agent of change
  • Enhanced self-worth
  • The ability to apply theory to real-life situations
  • Greater awareness of social responsibility
  • Better likelihood of completing formal education

ASEED Foundation is also committed to working with young people who may not attend school, but are interested in learning more about how to channel their abilities and entrepreneurial spirit. We have the resources to support and empower them, assisting with their development, encouraging their ability to be self-reliant and helping them build a better life.