ASEED Foundation

Building better lives & transforming society is what we strive to do.

ASEED supports young people to take initiative and create sustainable futures for themselves and their communities by providing opportunities through Empowerment, Entrepreneurship, social engagement, training activities, intercultural exchanges, skills and talent development and business opportunities. We offer an opportunity that challenges young people to be curious, creative, entrepreneurial & engaged.

Since its inception in September 5th 2009, ASEED  has been committed to developing and empowering youth. We have successfully launched programmes for entrepreneurs and youth empowerment in four cities in collaboration with other non-profit organization.  We are creating sound opportunities, by building lives with an aim to transform our society.

Aseed is open to cooperating with individual, organisations, institutions and governments parastatal to help young people to follow their passion and make dream come true. We just believe the best way to create a better society is to concentrate on the young once.

We also consult other youth organisations & formal education institutions how to make the most of all Africa youth funding possibilities

Our core objectives are categorized as empowerment, entrepreneurship, rehabilitation, development, societal change, campaign and mobilization to the changing planet.

Our activities include: (but not limited to)

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Social Empowerment
  • Community Education
  • Support
  • Leadership & Networking
  • Volunteering

ASEED programmes has received funding from Edo Donald Foundation, Jamver Education, Binfrica Global and support from many good individuals.